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Insurance Options

rates and Insurance info:

I currently accept the following: 


Insurance companies:

Optum/ United Health Centers

Halcyon behavioral

Managed Health Network (MHN)


Out of Network (OON) Services

Non-insurance services:

private pay (cash, check, visa, healthcare cards)



I offer both in person and Telehealth services at this time.


In-network & Out-of-network services:

Insurance companies will only approve your mental health benefit if you have a medical necessity to receive them. They will need to receive information regarding the diagnosis, treatment plan, functioning, and ongoing medical needs of the client throughout your service.  You will need to consent to this access if you desire to use your mental health benefits through your insurance company.  If I am an in-network provider (preapproved provider on their panel) your insurance, I bill them for the service directly and you pay any applicable deductibles at the time of service.  I am also happy to provide you with a "superbill" (just a fancy word for an invoice with medical diagnosis) for you to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network (meaning that I am not a provider on their panel) reimbursement.  This process usually is more private and does not require a treatment plan and regular follow up to the insurance about your progress.  Depending on your out-of-network insurance coverage and benefits, your sessions may be covered in part or in full.  Also, some insurance companies do not reimburse for out-of-network services.  It is up to the insurance company to decide what this coverage will look like. 


Individual Psychotherapy for Adult & Adolescent:

Initial intake session is 60 minutes at the rate of $170. This session is a thorough history and assessment session. A diagnosis may be given.

Individual treatment sessions are $160 for a therapy hour which is 53 minutes for individual psychotherapy.

Additional Options:

90 minute sessions are $200

30 minute sessions are $80

A free 15 minute phone consultation will be provided to determine treatment interest and determine if I am an appropriate treatment provider for you. An hour in-person consultation prior to full intake session may be provided upon request for regular individual psychotherapy session rates. A consultation is not considered an intake session, treatment or psychotherapy.

I accept cash, check, debit card, credit cards, and out-of-network insurance (superbill provided to you; please check with your insurance if this is an option). A $25.00 service charge will be charged for any checks returned or debit/credit transactions declined for any reason.

Cancellations and re-scheduled sessions will be subject to a $100 charge if notice NOT RECEIVED AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. I will be requesting credit card information with documents online via Simple Practice and will charge clients a cancellation fee of $75. If you do not show up for your session and do not notify me in advance of any cancellation you will be subject to the full cost of the session. This is necessary because a time commitment is made to you and is held exclusively for you. If you are late for a session, you may lose some of that session time.






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